Get hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly metrics on each device's network, cpu, ram, and uptime.


Grant fine grained access to your team, your customers or your customer's customers.


Notifiy the right people at the right time. Easily integrate with Slack and Pager Duty.


Develop, deploy, update, and rollback using kubernetes.



Simple edge device management

Built for developers & IOT teams needing more than lambda functions. k8ty uses kubernetes on the edge to manage services for both ARM and x68 devices.

Easily access your remote devices, even behind a firewall.

Develop, deploy, rollback, or segment deployments with confidence using kubernetes.

Detect network issues and more with simple alerts.

Deploy a single service as easily as many services.

Use Cases

We're not going to be right for every IoT project.

Below we try to clarify when we're a good fit and when we're not.

If you need complex processing on the edge including machine learning or other data intensive applications.

If your application requires more than one docker container or microservice.

If you don't want to get locked in to a large vendor's ecosystem.

If your product offering involves a variety of hardware options.

If alerting, system health, and device management are not part of your core business, but you need those features and capabilities.

If you need a fully on-prem or white-labeled solution.


We've tried to answer a few common questions to help you evaluate if we're a good fit for your project.

Whats the difference between k8ty, AWS IoT core, Google IoT Core, etc.

k8ty is focused on simplity of edge device management and deployment. We use kubernetes on the edge. This is a design choice and it's not right for everyone, sometimes a simple docker container or a lambda works just fine.

We also feel these large vendor platforms are gateway drugs to get you locked in to an ecosystem and that may cause limitations later on.

Bandwidth constrained environments. The assumption of many IoT platforms is that bandwidth is cheap and abundant urging you to push all sensor, video and other kinds of data to the cloud. If it is, go ahead, but you're not going to like the bill.

Complex IOT scenarios.

Fully on-prem solution.

White-labeled solution

ARM and x86 devices including the NVIDIA Jetson.

Transparent and predictable pricing.

We rely on Kubernetes. If you don't need or want Kubernetes, a lambda function may be okay.

We don't support windows.

Not all arm devices are supported natively at this time, although they may still work. If there's a board you have in mind, let us know and we will try to accommodate.

Yes. We have a partner that can flash hundreds or thousands of devices for you. They cross-ship and are all around great humans.

You can also do this yourself using clonezilla or other flashing software and use our images to register devices directly to your account.

Yep! Choose from the hundreds of helm charts available and deploy them to any amount of devices instantaneously or the next time they check in.

Absolutely. There are two ways to do this. Our default kubernetes distro is k3s which will give you a master node you can connect other nodes to. If you'd like to use the full kubernetes distro you can go right ahead. k8ty will work the same with either distribution.